Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random works

The original cover of the demo of "Stephen and the Hawkings" (2012)

The title card for "Geek Criteek" Episode 6- Daybreakers.

A poster I created after George Watsky's "Nothing Like The First Time" tour.

The cover and page one of "Gin Blossoms: A Romantic Comedy of Miseries"

A mock-up poster for the "Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie" Festival 2012.

Decks on the Deck promotional posters

My first "DoD" poster, the idea was the text was to replace the mixer portion of the DJ table.

My original poster for DoD Volume 3, I decided to go more pixel-esque with my text.

An alternate version of my DoD Volume 3 poster, just a basic invert in color scheme.

The final version of my DoD Volume 4 poster, I decided to go with a "Rising Sun" vinyl look.

The final version of my DoD Volume 5 poster, I went with a Holiday rave motif, including a hilarious "Rankin/Bass" headliner (lol).

My version of DoD Volume 6, for this New Year's poster, I went with a "Phoenix Wright" headliner with a NYE Mirror Ball for a head.